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Succulent Mandala

Do you love succulents as much as we do? They provide a sense of peacefulness and stillness. It almost seems they offer your mind a refuge where it can hide and simply enjoy the beauty of nature.

Succulent MandalaSucculents seem to grow effortlessly. They don’t require much care;  bright light, a little moisture now and then and a place to spread their roots. They are not necessarily dramatic or flashy. Yet, in their seemingly unchanging world, you will find expansion and even evolution.

Mandalas come from Tibetan Buddhism where they are considered a tool for gaining wisdom and healing as well as providing a dwelling for deity. They are often multi-layered. Loosely translated, they represent the circle of the universe where every part is connected to the whole.  The observer meditates on the geometric form to gain insight into the workings of the world.

If you have any succulents whose leaves have fallen, why not use them to design a beautiful mandala creation. That’s what we have done right here at MVG. You can see it on display in our greenhouse. We thought you might enjoy watching its transformation from lone leaf to growing “pup” to mature plant.

roots and pupsIf you are feeling brave and a little whimsical, try growing one yourself. First, allow your leaf to dry out for a few days to harden up, or callous over, on the end. This helps prevent the leaf from rotting. While it is drying, fill your container with a well-draining potting soil or cactus soil. Moisten the soil well. Arrange the dried leaves so they touch the soil. Their ends do not need to be buried in the soil. When roots begin to emerge, they will find the soil. If any leaves shrivel up completely, throw them away. Don’t feel bad – expect some loss, just not all. Replace them with another leaf. Keep your planter in lots of indirect sunlight. Do not overwater.  Allow soil to dry completely before remoistening.

It can take a few weeks or a few months for roots and new pups to begin to grow.  Be patient.  That is part of the beauty and mystery of the mandala – enlightenment.  To create your own, start with a circle in the center, connecting and merging each portion with the next.  Build four door sections on each side. Think of the world as you design, seemingly separate yet all intertwined. Enjoy yourself and allow those amazing succulents to bring tranquility to your life as they do ours.