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Air Plants are Here!

air plants

Imagine! A plant that grows without soil!

Epiphytes, plants that dangle from trees, rocks, or other vertical supports, can grow anywhere on almost anything. The name ‘epiphyte’ comes from the Greek word ‘epi’ meaning ‘upon’ and ‘phyton’ meaning ‘plant’. Often called “air plants,” these types of flora do not anchor their roots in the soil. Instead they anchor, benignly, onto other plants. Moisture and nutrients are absorbed from the air, rain and debris that surround them. Though they are tropical, they will thrive in your home.

Many types of plants are considered air plants. A few examples are orchids, staghorn ferns and tillandsia. All are typically treated as houseplants. Those sold in garden centers under the name “air plant” are most commonly tillandsia.

Care for an air plant is simple;

*enough water to keep its leaves sturdy and stiff,

*enough air circulation to dry the leaves shortly after drinking, and

*bright, filtered light to keep it a lush green.

Some thrive in a moist, humid area. Others prefer just an occasional soaking. Many will tell you when they are thirsty by the color of their leaves. Watch for their signs. Be careful not to overwater as epiphytes can rot. Turning them upside down to drain helps keep them healthy.

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