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Good Plants Grow from Good Soil

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All of us want our plants to yield beautiful flowers and bumper crops. A great way to accomplish this is to start with good soil. Just as we need to eat the right food in the right balance to grow strong and healthy, so do plants. Plants get their nutrients from the soil. We need to make sure their food source is available to and accessible by them in the right balance. The best way to determine this is to send a sample of our soil to a lab which specializes in this type of test. They will analyze it and send you results which will indicate which nutrients to add, if necessary.  Samples are easy to take and tests are relatively inexpensive. MVG has free soil test kits available in our store so you can deal directly with the lab.

We also want to check the condition of our garden soils. Adding compost to our clay soils is like adding “magic”. Ample amounts of organic matter or compost improves the performance and ease of managing the soil early in the spring and in the heat of the summer. Soils in our area are normally clay type and about neutral on the pH scale. Slightly acidic is preferred. When clay soils are handled by plowing, roto-tilling, cultivating when they are wet, the result is severe clodding. These clods occur when the wet soil dries out leaving hard clumps that most likely will take months to return to normal. Compost helps reduce this problem and aids the soil in returning to a condition that is ready to “work”. Composted garden and kitchen waste are ideal to add (no meat or fats). Or you can use some of the commercially available soil conditioners like sphagnum peat moss or pine fines.

Give your plants a boost this year by tending to your soil first.

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