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MVG Delivery and Installation Services

Peeking into the garden

Planting your garden has never been so easy!

With back-of-envelope drawings in hand, Flora steps into Meadow View, her Miami Valley premier garden center, sees glistening leaves and hears the sound of a big-ball water fountain. A discerning gardener with a small vehicle, she catches one of the friendly, knowledgeable staff. “Can you help me pick some flowers and trees for my yard?” Looking over the drawings, they discuss ideas and ideal plant options. Flora is guided through a wide selection of quality plants and feels inspired by fresh displays. She chooses her favorites. “I would never be able to make everything fit in my car, let alone plant my tree today. I’m so glad you can deliver and install these for me!” After arranging a convenient time for delivery, a wall sconce pot and bird bath catch her eye. These are quickly added to her order. Flora is excited about her planned garden oasis. She leaves with her Delivery / Installation paperwork and guarantee, and awaits the landscape of her dreams. “Thank you, Meadow View Growers! I’ll be back!”

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