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Preventing Weeds

Flower Choking Weed

We all dream of beautiful, weed-free gardens – right?!

Striving for a weed-free garden requires diligence throughout the growing season.

Preen_PlantfoodOne of the first lines of defense is an application in March of a pre-emergent herbicide. When activated by water, Preen® creates an invisible barrier that prevents many weed seeds from germinating. If you start your plants from seed, wait until they are two to three inches tall before applying Preen®. Remember to re-apply every three months during the growing season or when soil is disturbed, such as when you plant annuals in May. As always, we recommend you read the entire label before application.

For those who want to go organic, we carry Espoma Organic Weed Preventer made with 100% corn gluten meal.

Unfortunately, pre-emergents will not control existing weeds. These must be pulled or treated with a post-emergent herbicide.

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Hardwood Mulch

Another line of defense in weed prevention is adding a two inch layer of hardwood mulch around existing plants or on your garden bed before planting. Organic mulch provides added benefits to the soil such as maintaining more uniform temperatures, conserving moisture levels, minimizing compaction and erosion as well as supplying organic matter as it decomposes. MVG carries Eco-Smart Organic Ultra Fine Hardwood Mulch which is naturally composted, colorant free and chemical free.

MVG – May all your weeds be wildflowers!