The Prolific Pansy – Meadow View Growers

The Prolific Pansy

To some of us, the pansy/viola is a happy, smiling face reminding us of a gardener friend from long ago. The first sign of that special flower brings a smile to our face and warmth to our heart. Pansies are delicate, charming plants that thrive in cool weather where other annuals would quickly fail. P1090323(1)The varieties that we grow are happiest in cool weather and have become known as one of our best early season bedding plants. Planting them soon ensures wonderful color in your spring gardens.

There are many different cultivars of pansies and violas offering a wide range of colors and flower sizes: colors from white, yellow, apricot, violet, blue-purples, dusty rose and combinations of all of these colors! The flower sizes range from 1-4 inches. Here at Meadow View we have grown some of the most vigorous varieties that will offer an abundant amount of blooms. We have them available in individual 3-paks, flats, and pansy bowls.

It is almost time to get some cool weather crops, like lettuce and spinach, in the ground. Many gardeners use St. Patrick’s Day as a reminder of this timing. You can also plant early blooming perennials like English Daisies, Primrose and Hellebores now for years of beauty.

Come to the greenhouse and pick your favorites today!