DIY Creation Station – Meadow View Growers

DIY Creation Station

Come play in the dirt and leave the mess here!  Kids have their swing set jungle gyms. MVG has a DIY planting playground! We offer an enormous potting bench for you to use letting those creative juices flow while you plant container gardens for home. Gather a group of friends and make a day of it! Fill your summer planters to the brim then pop by a nearby restaurant for a bite to eat. What could be better?

Our Creation Station offers:

*All the supplies you need right here at your fingertips!

*You can bring your own pots (BYOP) OR purchase them here.

*Of course, free expert container gardening advice is close by.

*Save time and money

*Come plant during regular business hours in April and May

*Plant Pricing – Choose whichever plants you like. Plants are sold individually (by pot size or pak). You pay the plants’ normal retail price. Unused plants from paks are yours to take home. You have purchased them.

*Potting Soil Pricing – Soil pricing is established by the size of container being planted. Different sizes of pots are displayed on Creation Station for reference.

*Osmocote, a slow-release fertilizer, will feed your planter all season long. It is included in the cost of the potting soil and will be applied by cashier at checkout.

PlantingHere are the playground rules:

1) Bring your container(s) from home or purchase them here

2) Check in with cashier upon arrival

3) Go with MVG associate to Creation Station

4) Gather desired plants

5) Plant your container(s)

6) No throwing soil or pots and No squirting each other with water!

7) Get tallied price sheet from MVG associate

8) Take price sheet and planted containers to checkout

Take your planters home and ENJOY!!