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Hanging Basket Care Tips

to keep them looking good all season.

Keeping those beautiful hanging baskets gorgeous doesn’t take a lot of time and it isn’t necessary to work on them often.

One of the first things to remember is that the majority of these plants are annual flowers. They must be maintained above 45 degrees to be able to grow. Be aware of their particular sun requirements; do they prefer full sun – six or more hours direct sunlight per day; part sun – four to six hours sunlight; or part shade – two to four hours morning, dappled or late evening sun.

A little pruning from time to time will also help. It is good to get those scissors out and do a little clipping every six weeks or so, depending on the plants. This will keep them nice and full with lots of flowers. In fact, this periodic pruning provides you with many more flowers than if you don’t trim at all. Most gardeners are afraid to trim their plants because they are not sure how to do it or where to begin. It is really not that critical where the pruning cuts are made but it is a good idea to make the cuts close to a node (where a leaf or bud can be seen along the stem of the plant). It is very difficult to damage your plants when you trim them. And, if by chance you do make an error, it isn’t the end of the world, remember the plants are growing and will soon cover the pruning you are doing in a short time.  After some experience you will truly enjoy the results.

Two other key factors in keeping your hanging baskets looking good are watering and feeding.

  • Watering- When it comes to watering it is necessary to let the container soil dry out so the proper level of oxygen is maintained for the roots. Remember, roots can drown (rot) if they are kept too wet for too long. On the other hand they should not be allowed to completely dry out. A little “wilt” between waterings is ok but not a severe wilt. Get to know what your plant normally looks like and watch for signs. Most will tell you when they are thirsty.
  • Feeding- The best way to keep your hanging baskets thriving is to provide a constant source of nutrients. This can be done by feeding them a couple of times a week with a water soluble fertilizer like Jack’s Classic or Miracle Gro. However, the easiest way to provide a steady diet for these plants is by using a controlled release fertilizer like Osmocote. One application will last several weeks, even months, depending on weather conditions. Always follow label directions for best application rates.

Here’s to one of the best growing seasons you have ever experienced! – MVG