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An Organic Product We Love!

We all desire lush thriving gardens full of healthy vigorous plants during the growing season, right?! At MVG we strive to grow the healthiest plants for your garden. To ensure your success at home, we offer Espoma organic products which are proven safe for you, your pets and the environment.

One product we especially like is Espoma Bio-tone® Starter Plus. It is an all-natural plant food that helps prevent transplant loss and ensures superior plant growth. Bio-tone® Starter Plus contains beneficial bacteria and two types of mycorrhizae, a fungus which lives symbiotically among plant roots aiding in water and nutrient absorption. Originally designed for professionals, Bio-tone® Starter Plus will also increase root mass and that’s a good thing! Bio-tone® Starter Plus is recommended when planting flowers, trees, shrubs and vegetables at time of planting in the ground or containers. As always, follow label recommendations. You’ll love it because your plants love it (and we love it too!)

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