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MVG Annual Proven Performer

Angelonia 'Archangel Raspberry'

Angelonia Archangel™ ‘Raspberry’

Each year our staff chooses a “Proven Performer” annual plant that thrives with minimal care and maintenance. These varieties are tested and proven in our landscape display gardens and in our own home gardens prior to recommending them to you.

Our pick this year is Angelonia Archangel™ ‘Raspberry’.  Archangel™ features incredibly large, vibrant blooms on vigorous upright 12-14” tall plants. Their blooms are the largest of any angelonia, aka summer snapdragon. We were amazed by the size and number of continuous blooms this hard working plant produced from the time we planted it in May all the way to fall. Plus, it is drought tolerant once established. Although no deadheading is required, trimming out the spent blooms increases bloom production. In addition to ‘Raspberry’, we also offer Angelonia Archangel™ in ‘Blue Bicolor’, ‘Cherry Red’, ‘Pink’, ‘Purple’ and ‘White’. For optimum performance we recommend growing angelonia in a full sun to part sun location in well-drained soil. Applying Osmocote slow-release fertilizer at planting will provide season long nutrition to this vigorous plant.

Selecting other Proven Performer winners, such as Begonias ‘Dragon Wing Red’ or ‘Big’, Petunias ‘Purple Wave’ or ‘Vista Bubble Gum’,  Salvias ‘Victoria’ or ‘Black and Blue’,  Verbena ‘EnduraScape’ ,and Zinnia ‘Dreamland Mix’ will ensure your garden performs best in your neighborhood!