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The When’s and Why’s of Watering

Watering a garden is one of the simplest ways to care for the health and wealth of your plants. For the seasoned gardener, it poses very little threats. But any gardener who has battled the spring thaw and the summer heat knows that when it comes to frequency, timing and amount, the joys of a blooming garden may be spoiled by poor watering technique alone.

Are you doing it right?

Keep these three tips in your back pocket:

1. Water in the morning

Morning is the ideal time to water your lawn and garden. Wet leaves overnight encourage disease, while midday sunshine causes evaporation. Morning watering gives your plants time to soak up the water while fending off disease.

2. Water deeply, not frequently

Apply enough water to the soil so the roots of your plant get completely covered. You want those roots to grow deep, not just along the soil surface. Aim for at least one inch of water per week. You can also track rain levels in your garden by setting out small cans amongst your plants. Mark the insides of the can at the one-inch level and provide extra water that week if the water levels in your can dip below the mark.

3. Water roots, not weeds

Avoid sprinkler systems that water your entire garden, creating a fertile ground for weeds as well as flowers. Use a hose or watering can to direct the spray at the base of the plant rather than the leaves, which will help prevent mildew.

Bonus tip: Many plants require different types of care, watering included. Keep this in mind as you plan your autumn garden, and try to group plants together by ideal water levels to help maintain balanced hydration.

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