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Late Summer Brings Mums!

fall mums

The cooler evenings we are experiencing naturally lead our thoughts to garden mums!

Enjoy Early-Bird mum pricing now through August 31.

4″ pots of mums: $3.99 ea.

6″ pots of mums: $4.99 ea.

8″ pots of mums: $7.99 ea.

(That’s up to 40% Off regular pricing!)

MVG garden mums have been growing all summer. They are popping to get included in your garden! We have eight different sizes, in pots, hanging baskets and planters, and 30 different shades creating a kaleidoscope of fall color. Garden mums are bred to bloom during different parts of the season – early, mid, late or season extenders. Using varieties from each group will keep your garden blooming well into fall.

Though there are true hardy perennial mums for this area of Ohio, most of these are sold in the springtime. The garden mums you see everywhere during this time of year are mostly “tender perennials,” grown for their wider variety of shapes and colors.  The severity of the upcoming winter will determine, to a large extent, whether or not your mums will survive. To increase the chance of your garden mums returning next year, we suggest the following tips:

  • Help Fight Breast CancerPlant in a well-drained, sunny location. Plant early in a hole as deep as the pot the mum was grown in.
  • Water thoroughly and frequently as needed, ensuring the root ball is wet, not just the surrounding soil.
  • Apply mulch to the mums when the ground freezes, usually late December.
  • Remove mulch and cut back the dead stems when new growth appears in early spring.

We will have many other fall flowers available, including pansies, asters, ornamental peppers, ornamental kale and more.  Perennials, trees and shrubs are always ready. Late summer and fall are great times to plant!

While you’re in the greenhouse,  look for the mums in pink pots. 50% of the proceeds from their sales will be donated to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. This is a great way to help fund cancer research to fight this deadly disease and support those who are afflicted by it.

Come on in and get started on your fall garden. We’ll see you in the greenhouse!