Garden Barn Gift Store – Meadow View Growers

Garden Barn Gift Store

A wise old owl told us you needed help bringing your gardening plans to life! These specials will help!

This week enjoy special savings on select items:

Lamps, Lanterns, and Lighting – 10% Off

Celebrate wisdom and education with wise old owl giftware – 15% Off

Watering Cans – 10% Off

All Potting Mix – 10% Off

Gardening Gloves – 10% Off

Our gift store is packed with various goods that can assist you. No matter what your style of gardening: classical, whimsical, or simply ornamental, we have your gardening accessories. Fall items are arriving giving the Garden Barn a warm glow!  Watering cans, gloves and hand tools will make planting your landscape or indoor houseplants quicker and easier. Garden globes, statuary and fountains are wonderful for areas that could use a focal point. Windchimes, mini gardens and honey make great gift ideas for your friends who need a little cup of cheer.

Glide by today and see what suits your fancy. It’ll be a hoot!

We’ll see you in the greenhouse.