Air Plant – Meadow View Growers

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Tillandsias AKA Air Plants come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Their growth cycle begins with a single plant, which grows to maturity. When the plant reaches maturity it blooms in its season, with spikes lasting from several weeks to many months. When the bloom is finished, new plants, referred to as pups, babies or offshoots, grow out of the base of the parent plant. These new plants will grow up and surround the parent plant as it slowly dies. The new plants will grow to maturity and complete the blooming cycle in one to several years. It’s fascination to watch as these new plants grow to maturity and bloom without soil.

Your Tillandsia likes bright light but not direct sunlight. A shaded patio or near a bright window in the house. Make sure you keep your Tillandsia from severe cold. It likes fresh moving air from time to time.

Wet your plant 1-2 times a week. A spray/mist bottle can be used as long as you thoroughly wet the plant.