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NEW at Meadow View- LED growing stations

When I started gardening as a teenager, the winter months were interminable.  The frost-free date was still too far off, and I had dreams of raspberries and tomatoes!!  So, I went to the local hardware store, purchased some seed, a little grow kit, and set my seeds in the kitchen by the large glass door.  The seeds popped out of the soil, and I was up and running!  It was the best fix for my late-winter blues.

Well, 30 years later, that same energy to get a jump on spring has not abated.  Fortunately, the technology has improved dramatically.  For this next year at Meadow View, we purchased some kitchen-sized LED growing stations that allow us to start the seedlings, even in areas without sufficient light.  I like them because the plants love the intense light, and they meet my budget needs too–the bulbs have tremendous life spans (10,000 hrs!), they don’t use much electricity (4 watts), and the setup lasts for years.  Plus, I have to admit that the water reservoir has saved me on those occasions when I forgot to water them or went on a trip.

Here at MVG we are also finding they are tremendously versatile as well, as we use them for herb gardens, succulents, house plants, and even rooting cuttings.  Really, the grow lights provide a little medicine for the itch to get gardening even while the cold persists.  And the price point is excellent for a Christmas present!  (Sorry, a small shameless plug.  J).

I also invite you to keep posted on our social media, as we are putting our money where our mouth is.  During the next couple of weeks, we will be documenting the installation of our new “commercial level” of LED lights to help us produce healthier plants for spring.  We are starting with 1200 sq. ft., and will “grow” from there.  (Pun intended!).

Happy winter gardening.