2019 Top Gifts For Gardeners – Meadow View Growers

2019 Top Gifts For Gardeners

We polled Meadow View staff and customers to find the perfect gift for gardeners this holiday season.

Below are our top 12 picks for the 2019 Holiday Season:

    • MVG Gift Card– Hands down the most requested item from staff members and customers alike was an MVG gift card. Gift the gift of a great garden even in the deepest part of winter. Gift cards can be purchased in-store or online. In the spirit of giving, we are offering a bonus $10 gift card for every $50 purchased.
    • Soil Knife-This is the all-in-one garden tool that every gardener needs. You can use it to plant bulbs, flowers, and herbs as well as dig out weeds, divide plants, remove rocks, cut through roots, pruning, aeration, and cutting! If you are going to get 1 tool for the gardener in your life- this is the tool to get. Our soil knives are extra strong and durable, so make sure you also grab a sheath for an extra stocking stuffer.
    • Houseplants- It might be cold outside, but the gardener urge never hibernates. Grab a beautiful tropic houseplant for the gardener in your life to help bring a little nature inside. We have a wide collection of houseplants and tropics for all levels of gardeners. Let us help you pick out that special plant for that important person in your life.
    • Pruning Shears- A good set of pruning shears are an essential tool for all gardeners. In all honesty, every gardener from beginner to professional horticulturalists, need a reliable and durable set of shears that can trim back flowers to sculpting hedges.
    • Apron- Gardening aprons are a lifesaver come the hustle and bustle of planting season. Not only do they help keep the dirt on your clothes to a minimum but they also offer a way to keep all your necessary hand tools (like your soil knife and pruning shears) at hand.
    • Dramm Watering Wands- The Dramm Watering Wands are the wands we use at Meadow View to keep all of our plants healthy. These watering wands give a gentle rain-like spray that does not blast and pulverize your fragile seedlings. The long handle on the wand also allows you to water plants at their root zone without bending, crouching or using a stepladder. The rain-like spray can also give plants in very hot locations a cool shower to reduce transpiration and drying out. Water wands for plants are also effective for spraying off pests like mites and aphids without causing damage to the plant.
    • Garden tool organizer- Help the gardener in your life keep all their tools conveniently at hand with our canvas round tool bags that conveniently fit in a universal bucket. These are designed specifically with the gardener in mind and are made for strength, durability, and longevity.
    • House Plant Tools & Small Pruning Shears- Do you have an avid houseplant gardener in your life? Then you need to check out our newest collection of smaller hand tools made specifically for houseplants, fairy gardens, bonsai, and the more delicate plants in your life. These sets and sheers are small enough to not take up a load of storage space but strong enough to be used for heavy-duty tasks.
    • LED growing stations– Want to really wow a gardener? Treat them to one of our new LED growing stations. Available in two sizes, they are incredibly versatile being able to be used for herb gardens, succulents, house plants, and even rooting cuttings.
    • Spray Bottles- These are our favorite stocking stuffers for this year. These stylish yet incredibility practical sprayers are great for indoor houseplant needs and are made specifically for lovers of airplants and succulents.
    • Poinsettia– Nothing says Christmas more in our greenhouses than our Poinsettias. We have lovingly been growing these beauties since September, and it really shows! These healthy, happy, vibrant poinsettias make amazing gifts for anyone during the holiday season.