Christmas Trees – Meadow View Growers

Need help picking out the right variety of Christmas Tree? Here are a few  popular varieties that are available at Meadow View during the holiday season

  • Black Hills Spruce- Naturally symmetrical cone-shape tree that is resistant to winter injury. It has a slow growth rate and a very dense habit
  • North Pole Arborvitae- Evergreen that retains its dark green winter foliage color with a slightly more narrow form.
  • Emerald Green Arborvitae- A classic narrow, pyramidal form for evergreen. It has a lush emerald green foliage and makes great foundation plant.
  • Green Giant Arborvitae-A fast-growing evergreen with a natural pyramidal conical form. It has rich green foliage that darkens or bronzes slightly in the winter.
  • Alberta Spruce- A dense evergreen with soft needle foliage and a natural pyramidal shape. 
  • Small Norway Spruce-A spruce native to Europe, typically thought of the “traditional” Christmas tree. 

 Our tree experts can help you not only pick out the tree, they can advise of its care for now and when it’s time to plant.