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Grave Blankets

If you want to honor or remember a lost one, or decorate a grave for the holiday, think about adding a grave blanket. Grave blankets provide a beautiful decoration for graveyards especially during colder times of the year when traditional grave floral arrangements cannot survive.

A grave blanket is an evergreen arrangement that covers the ground of the grave and are custom decorated with ribbons, bows, pine cones or flowers. Grave blankets are thought to be originated by the Scandinavians who first settled in the Midwestern portions of the northern US. They are symbolically placed on the final resting place of deceased loved ones, to help keep them warm during the cold winter months.

We offer grave blankets in both half and full sizes. Grave blankets as well as all of our greens can be decorated to your taste by Meadow View’s designers. We pride ourselves on offering only the best selection. So don’t delay, hurry in and pick up the freshest greens in town today!