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Living Christmas Tree

For years I have wanted to try a living Christmas tree.  My family has done the “living-as-it-slowly-dies” cut trees, and we have also done the fake trees.  While these trees have been beautiful and we enjoyed the memories created around them, I always felt that I wasn’t getting the homerun mix, which for us was 1) Beautiful, 2) Fragrant, 3) Sustainable, and 4) Affordable.  Living Christmas trees check all of the boxes!  They look and smell like standard cut trees, and for the price, I get my Christmas tree and my beautiful yard which justifies their slightly higher price tag.

It’s easier than you think!  Here at Meadow View, numerous employees have extensive experience growing them, and we are gaining more by the day.  Our staff can answer questions such as:

  • How to transition the tree indoors and then back out?
  • How long can it stay inside?
  • Should I plant in the winter or next spring?
  • What particular needs does it have (like watering needs or tree stands)?
  • How do I transport it home? (Full disclosure: they are heavier than cut trees, but I moved mine with my daughter’s help).
  • Can I bring it back in for several years or for this Christmas only?

It turns out that there are some useful tips and tricks, but the trees are pretty robust and adapt to different strategies. 

Here is a picture of our living tree that we decorated.  We chose a Black Hills spruce (Picea glauca “Densata”) because of its traditional Christmas tree look and size, and its “piney” fragrance.  (Plus, the kids like it because it sits higher off of the ground due to the root ball, which makes more room for presents.  J).  Join us as we follow this tree’s adventure in our Christmas home and then into our landscape.

 Plant management history:

  • 11 Dec             Received into the house, watered
  • 12 Dec             Decorated