Why Houseplants and Why February? – Meadow View Growers

Why Houseplants and Why February?

When I was a kid, we didn’t have many houseplants or much of a green thumb in our family. I always liked our “tall spiky plant”–later I realized it was a dracaena–not so much for its greenery or its air-cleansing benefits, but simply because it survived! 

Time has passed and I’ve grown in my houseplant appreciation since those memorable “don’t forget to water the plants” days of my childhood. Here are three ways houseplants can enrich your life today:

  • Houseplants are life. Surrounding ourselves with vibrant plant life helps us to remember that we all experience living and growing patterns as part of a beautiful interconnected cycle of life. Helping plants grow provides a fulfilling creative outlet.
  • Houseplants are beautiful. They add texture, fragrance,  and color; they soften hard edges; they have their own personalities; they become focal points of conversation; and they bring a spark of life home.
  • Houseplants are healthy, cleansing the air of toxins and adding oxygen. Need a pick-me-up? Studies show that negative ions produced by plants also effectively dampen symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders!

And February? While most of our garden landscape is still sleeping, houseplants in February give us that beautiful and healthy touch of LIFE in the middle of winter. Renewing and refreshing our home plant selection is a great part of the annual routine.

As a recommendation, try one of my all-time favorites–a simple variegated pothos. The pothos provides emerging contrast, a play of yellow and green on each leaf, and is one of the most efficient houseplants for air purification. You can’t go wrong! This hardy plant thrives even if your family struggles to keep things alive like mine did as a child. 

Happy houseplant gardening!