Hoya Kerrii – Meadow View Growers

Hoya Kerrii is better known as the lucky-heart succulent or sweetheart plant. It’s one of the easiest houseplants to care for. Although, this lovely plant likes the light, it can do well in a semi-shaded area such as a cubicle or office desk. As a succulent, this plant can go long periods of time between watering. MVG doesn’t  recommend starving your little lucky heart; however,  if watering is forgotten for a couple of weeks,  it should remain alive and healthy

The sweetheart heart plant is not a heavy feeder, so if you do want to feed it, twice per year should be okay.

If you have a leaf only version of the Hoya Kerrii, it most likely will stay just a heart-shaped succulent. Additionally, if left to grow by itself, it  will only have a small chance of producing new shoots. This is actually good news for people who want to keep this cute little heart shaped succulent on their desk looking like a heart all year round.