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Meadow View Growers makes lemonade

Dear friend of Meadow View Growers,

As the saying goes, “When life gives you lemons…”.  With you, we are living the developments and impacts of the coronavirus illness in our society.  Of course, we are deeply concerned with the safety and health of our staff and public, and will act responsibly.  However, we also realize that paralyzing life is also not feasible.  As such, we are committed to maintaining an appropriate balance between protecting one another while providing safe opportunities to maintain our daily routines and normalcy in our lives. 

Spring is a beautiful time of rebirth and renewal.  As many of our common activities with high densities of people are temporarily curtailed, we can find great joy and fulfillment working in our yards and gardens.  Working in the soil with our hands, with a few friends or loved ones is low-risk, healthy, productive, provides de-stressing from present concerns, and builds appreciation for life and the simple things.  Whether growing food with veggies or fruit trees, cleansing the air with houseplants, or lightening our spirits and spaces with beautiful flowers and foliage, plants can help us weather the storm better.  This Spring can be wonderful in its own special way.

For our dear friends who feel uncomfortable coming in, or are sick, or are otherwise obliged to stay away from the store for a time, we are mindful of you and respect that need.  To be able to support your gardening and Spring routines, we have implemented ways to meet you where you need us.  You can order your Spring plants from the store (by phone or online) and we will prepare them for you to pick-up, or we will happily bring them to your home.  You can find more details on our webpage at   Also, we extended our Spring hours to allow you to choose more flexible times of the day and week for your browsing or shopping and to give you more space. 

Of course, Meadow View is committed to keeping our guests and staff safe and healthy through hygienic practices, sanitizing spaces, etc., and will continue to do so.  We also have additional advantages while you enjoy your time here, including the ability to spread out in our large greenhouses.  And we have low-risk outdoor and open-air conditions beaming with direct sunlight which neutralizes virus, winds that disperse and renew the air, and high humidity which drops germs to the ground, similar to what you might find in a park. 

In all, let’s make lemonade together.  This Spring, while we are all closer to home than previously, can also be a pleasant and memorable one.  We will be here for you.

Your dear friends at MVG