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The Essentials of Gardening

We, like you, have been following and responding to the changing requirements imposed by our medical and government leaders. We want to keep you informed as to how Meadow View is classified, how we are required to react, and what that means for you. Also, we keep in mind that many guests have contacted us looking for edible crops—veggie seeds, indoor starter kits, fruit trees and berries, herbs for use, products for pest management, etc.—and cannot source many of them elsewhere. Others are asking for products to purify the air, to provide educational activities for children and to get out of the house in a safe way.  A few have come into the store just to walk and de-stress. It means a lot to us to provide for these needs and requests.

Meadow View is classified as an Essential Business, in that it serves the community and regional supply chains in the growing and maintaining vegetables, herbs, and fruit trees; sales of food and agricultural production supplies including seed, seedlings, soil, fertilizer, chemicals, pots, etc.; shipping materials to other distributors of vegetables, herbs, and fruit trees; and so forth–even though many know us best for our hanging baskets and custom ornamentals. Per that order, we have been encouraged to remain open. Concerned employees have been welcomed to adjust their schedules and availability to the degree possible. We appreciate and respect individual needs and concerns greatly.

Of course, remaining open carries the burden of protecting the health of employees and guests.  Meadow View consciously applies the recommendations given for proper hygiene, sanitizing, safe distancing, and health monitoring in support of employees and guests alike. The Clark County Department of Health reviewed our practices and thanked us for our diligence and responsibility. Despite remaining open, many of our normal activities have been modified to ensure we all stay safe. All workshops have been cancelled or moved online. Delivery and installation of trees and shrubs has been suspended. The first hour of the day is officially dedicated to senior citizens. At all hours, social distancing is encouraged for all guests and employees, and we are confident that you will have plenty of personal space here, with adequate sunlight and air circulation.  

These new conditions have also motivated us to accelerate our development of services to meet you where you are.  Keep posted for ways to serve you from a distance, including online purchasing, curbside pickup, a limited-scale drive-through and product delivery (distinct from our service mentioned above). Please be patient because these are large undertakings, particularly in such a short period of time. But we have tremendously interested, dedicated, and skilled staff who are bending over backwards to get you these remote options.

Some have asked about our plant offerings and the Perennial Madness sale.  Were it possible, we would postpone it. However, as gardeners you know that these plants keep growing. These plants were planned, purchased, and grown months ago, and if they don’t sell in their proper moment, they would go into the garbage, which would threaten our very existence as a business. It is that simple. Accordingly, the sale will still be held, but with changes.  Perennial Madness will have online purchasing for curbside pickup in addition to in-store selections, and will be longer (from Mar 25-31) so people can spread out or even buy from home.

In all, we are committed to you and our amazing staff, and we know you are also committed to us, for which we thank you sincerely.

Your friends and neighbors at MVG