Easter Lily – Meadow View Growers

White Trumpet Lily aka Easter Lilies are to Easter as Poinsettias are to Christmas. Churches, florists, and greenhouses are currently filled with the fragrance of this iconic spring flower.

Unlike the seasonal and delicate poinsettias, Easter Lilies can survive past the Easter holiday. They are hardy to our region, where they normally bloom in July and August when planted in the outdoor garden.

If you would like to plant your potted Lilly after Easter, remove the yellow anthers from the center of the flowers. Then place your lily in the direct draft of dry heat from the furnace or heating duct. Try to maintain temperatures between 55-65 degrees and keep the soil slightly damp. Lilies bloom best in indirect sunlight, but they should be turned every few days in order to prevent leaning

Remove the withered flowers as they die. When all chance of frost has passed, you can transplant the lilies  in a sunny spot of the garden at least 6” deep and 12” apart.

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