#MVGKids – Meadow View Growers

Meadow View Growers has been providing wholesale plants and starters to the nursery and garden center industry for 35+ years. We are known for the highest quality of plants that we grow in our state-of- the- art greenhouse across our 15 acre facility.

Plants take time to grow, which is the reason we start planning and planting our wholesale plants around May or June. This process ensures that our plants are ready to ship to other garden centers at the first of the year. Since we plan for these plants a year in advance, at times there may be a surplus come spring.

As part of our lemons into lemonade campaign this year MVG has decided to gift some plants back to the local area community. Of course, what better way to grow the love of gardening for Dayton’s school age children by gifting the plants along with easy gardening videos showing how to take care of their new plants.

MVG will be posting dates this spring as to when parents can drive through and safely collect plants for their child currently stuck at home. YouTube videos will be posted, so the kids will know exactly how to take care of the particular variety as well as simple botany lessons and basics of gardening.

Make sure to follow us on social media as well as in our weekly newsletter for dates and times when we will be offering these plants for drive-by contact less pickup for our local area students.

Let your young one grow with us this Spring (online) at Meadow View Growers.

For More Information And Upcoming Pickup Dates Please Visit: https://meadowview.com/mvgkids/