Annuals – Meadow View Growers


Annuals provide constant color all season long but need replanting each year. Because of the cold winters here in the Miami Valley, these plants do not survive between Fall and Spring. They have various growth habits from weeping to upright and come in several forms and pot sizes.  Some grow well in full sun while others require some shade. Meadow View grows hundreds of varieties of annuals, from Abutilon to Zinnias, right here in our own greenhouses. From the old-fashioned varieties your grandma grew to the new and improved versions being created each year to tropicals sure to provide an exotic atmosphere, you’ll find many favorites and unique annuals here at MVG. Our plant displays make it easy to find the right plants for your yard.

Here are just a few examples:

Our annuals selections include:

  • Flats/Trays (up to 36 plants each)
  • 4” pots
  • 6” pots
  • 8 to 14″ patio pots
  • 12” hanging baskets (made of recycled fiber)
  • Moss hanging baskets
  • Combination Containers of Annuals
  • Custom Container planting
  • Recipe Cards for DIY gardeners