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October 20, 2021

Winter Pot Protection

PROTECTION FROM THE ELEMENTS Winterizing your garden pots After you have brought your tropicals and houseplants inside and finished winterizing your outdoor garden, it is time to make sure your outdoor pottery and ceramics are protected from the elements. Terracotta Pots With most tropicals and potted plants that spend the warmer months outside, when the […]

October 19, 2021

Winter Rose Protection

HELP YOUR ROSES survive for spring Winterizing roses is a very important maintenance practice to ensure vigorous growth. There are several things you can do to make sure your roses survive Ohio winters long before the cold winds blow. December About the middle to the end of December, we need to be putting our winter […]

October 18, 2021

2021 Poinsettias

Interesting Facts About Poinsettias Poinsettias are a top holiday flower pick for their beautiful array of shades and colors. They have traditionally been the winter holiday’s most popular plant, the sure and steady standby, but do you really know about the Poinsettia? We bet you don’t!  Here are 8 things you didn’t know about Poinsettias: […]

October 18, 2021

Summer Vegetable Tips

Beat the heat Summer is well and truly underway and tender plants such as tomatoes, courgettes, and peppers are putting down roots and growing away speedily. Here are some ideas to help them survive the summer. Tomatoes Remove tomato flowers: For the biggest juiciest tomatoes you should remove flowers until the plants are 12-18″ tall […]

October 11, 2021

Bumper Crop Soil

EVERYTHING YOUR PLANT NEEDS In One Bag A blend of lobster shells, manure compost, worm castings, kelp, peat and aged bark.  Inoculated with endo and ecto mycorrhizal fungi to improve root function.  Everything your plants need in one bag! OMRI Listed for organic use. A premium soil builder created exclusively by MASTER NURSERY® Garden Centers, BUMPER […]

September 29, 2021

Spring Blooming Bulbs

FALL IS THE TIME TO PLANT Spring into early season blooms Spring-blooming bulbs, such as tulips, hyacinths, crocus, and daffodils, should be planted in September through October when evening temperatures average between 40° – 50° F. Ground temperatures reaching 40° – 50° F. Summer-blooming beauties such as dahlia and gladiolus are best planted in the […]

September 23, 2021

Fantastic Fall Perennials

FLOWER POWER Endless Garden Color Flowers that power through fall are especially refreshing. Some, like the much-loved “Perosvskia atriplicifolia” Russain Sage, have been in full bloom throughout the season. Others, like the asters and “Rudbeckia” black-eyed Susans, are just getting going. But all will add reliable color, extending the show until late into the year. […]

September 1, 2021

Butterfly Bush Pruning

ENCOURAGE GROWTH timely pruning Butterfly bushes do not need to be pruned every year. In fact, you only need to prune them when they get too large for the space allotted.  New Growth But since butterfly bushes only bloom on new growth, many gardeners prune them severely each spring to encourage lots of new growth […]

August 11, 2021

Hanging Basket Care

HEALTHY, VIGOROUS PLANTS Special Care Special care has been taken to provide you with healthy, vigorous plants that will give you months of gardening pleasure when given the proper care. The following suggestions are offered to ensure your success. May 15th Before May 15, keep your basket above 45 degrees. After that, normal outdoor temperatures […]

August 3, 2021

Perennial Madness Starter Tips

HOW DO THEY GROW? follow these tips The perennials you have just purchased are the same plants that are used by professional growers for their production. But how do you grow them? Follow these helpful tips to get your starter plants off to a winning season. Transplant Immediately Transplant each plant immediately into 4-inch pots […]