Community Outreach

Charities and Groups MVG Assists in the Community


Alzheimers-Association-Alzheimers-AwarenessAlzheimer’s Association        (purple pots in spring)

Our family of staff members have or are associated with friends or family that have been affected by this disease. Because of this our hearts go out to these people and we want to help, even if in some small way. As a result we have an assortment of annuals that are planted in “Purple Pots” for sale in the spring season that are sold with 50% of the sales being donated to this cause. In addition, several staff members participate in the Alzheimer’s Walk in the fall.



MakingStridesBreastCancerAmerican Cancer Society – Making Strides Against Breast Cancer      (pink pots in early fall)    The MVG family supports finding a cure for breast cancer by growing a number of plant selections for the fall season in pink pots. This assortment of plants includes garden mums, asters, pansies and others. A portion of these sales is donated to the Cure.




MPGC-logo_350x350Million Pollinator Garden Challenge   MVG supports the campaign to register a million public and private gardens and landscapes to support pollinators.  Meadow View is a registered pollinator garden. Go to the website shown here and you can register your garden, too. Pollinators are responsible for 1 out of 3  bites of food we take each day, and yet pollinators are at critical point in their own survival.



Ohio-Proud-Logo-for-siteOhio Proud  MVG starts all of its annual bedding plants, pumpkins and most of its perennial plants from either seeds or cuttings.  Since we grow and sell all of these plants in our greenhouses we have become an Ohio Proud partner.  When you go to this website you will find recipes and a listing of events around the state of Ohio.




Monarch WaystationMonarch Watch   This organization works on increasing the declining population of Monarch butterflies by establishing more habitats that have been declining over the past few years. Restoration of milkweed in these areas is essential to this effort. MVG is an official Watch Station for Monarch butterflies.




ClarkCountyDDDevelopment Disabilities of Clark County, Quest Adult Services –  MVG assists with the horticulture program by helping to develop growing schedules for the marketing of the plants that are grown. We provide assistance for the supply of the plants and materials for growing the plants for sales.



WCCBCWestern Clark County Business Coalition   Meadow View is an active member promoting business in the western part of the county. We assist with events and fund raising to support this organization.






OSU-FAES-Master GardenersOSU Master Gardener Volunteers  Meadow View supports the community gardening effort of the Master Gardeners by providing vegetable plants for the community gardens that are established in the county for neighborhoods gardens.




New Carlisle Community Garden –  MVG provides plants for this community effort. This garden area provided by the city allows people who do not have an adequate area where they live to have a garden for fresh produce in the summer.

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