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Container Gardening

Whether you live in a fourth floor apartment, a housing complex with just a patio, or a ten acre lot, container gardens are perfect for providing fresh color and life to any area. Garden planters require little energy to create, are portable (great for finding its perfect happy spot), are long lasting, can house almost anything and can be easily refreshed. We’ve got a great selection of pottery and all the necessary ingredients as well as knowledgeable staff to help you create the container garden of your dreams.

Don’t have enough space for a full-fledged vegetable garden? Sowing and reaping your home veggies from containers is easy and hassle-free. Control the soil conditions of your veggies and prevent damage from pests and other wildlife. Come in for more information about vegetable container gardening.

Planting with containers offers an easy way to get creative with new gardening projects. We make container gardening easy and enjoyable by providing :

  • Varieties of plants that are proven performers in the region
  • Guidance from our expert staff
  • Advice to keep your container going through seasonal changes


We offer four different options for container gardening:

  • Pre-made – designed and planted by our expert staff-ready to go
  • Custom Containers – designed by either you or us but planted by MVG
  • Recipe Gardens – ready-to-assemble creations waiting for you to plant
  • DIY Creation Station Potting Area  – an area set up for you to design and plant

Want to keep your planter beautiful and healthy all season long? Check out our Container Gardening Tips.


MVG offers a DIY (do-it-yourself) potting station called the CREATION STATION.

All garden lovers are welcome to come play in the dirt and leave the mess behind. Just check in with a cashier to get started.

*DIY planting – Bring your own pots OR purchase them here

*All the supplies you need are right here at your fingertips!

*Free expert container gardening advice

*Save time and money

*Come plant anytime during regular business hours in April and May