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Container Garden Recipes

Every year, Meadow View designers create new and exciting container combinations for your outdoor area. We hope to inspire you to create beautiful planters of your own. But we know some people are a little hesitant about do-it-yourself projects. We’ve got you covered.

These container garden recipes are MVG customer favorites. Designs include plant variety and quantities for luscious and colorful creations you can put together yourself. We have all you need, pots, gloves, tools, soil, plants and fertilizer. Just click on a recipe to expand the image and get started!

What’s that you say? Playing in the dirt is too messy? Come on in to the greenhouse with your favorite pot (or pick a new one from our large selection) and use our Creation Station potting area. It’s available during regular business hours in April and May and our expert advise will be close by. See you in the greenhouse!