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Dr. Armitage App

unnamedDr. Allan Armitage, a well-known garden writer, speaker and operator of the University of Georgia’s research garden is constantly studying annuals, perennials, cut flowers, greenhouse crops, plant identification and plant use. He has created a new mobile application, Armitage’s Greatest Perennials and Annuals, in which he shares his knowledge and allows users to search plants and filter searches for annuals, perennials, full-sun, shade and other categories.

Now you can use his plant app to do research of your own.

There are hundreds of photos to scroll through. Other features include:

  • Works on all Android and i products – tablets and smartphones
  • Includes over 70 genera, approx 350 photos
  • Annuals, perennials covered are for all temperate climates
  • Hints for success
  • Deer browsing rating
  • Top picks
  • Videos on nearly all genera selected
  • Constantly updated
  • A wealth of knowledge for only $4.99!

You can get many of these beautiful flowers and plants at Meadow View Growers, which you will also find in this useful app. Learn more and find the app on Google Play Store for  Android or the iPhone App Store.