Gardening Tips

Creating Beautiful Lawns

Fall is the best time to renovate or establish a new lawn. There are several reasons:

First is the elimination of weed competition. There just aren’t as many weeds trying to grow in the fall to compete with the new grass seedlings.

Second, the soil temps are still warm and the seed will germinate well.

The third reason is temperatures are typically cooler in the fall which is what grasses that grow in this area favor.

And fourth, we normally get regular rains which reduce the need to run sprinklers.

It’s simple to have a great looking lawn when the basics are followed:

1)    Choose the right time of the year. Fall is perfect whether you are getting ready to core aerate, slice seed and fertilize your existing lawn or start from scratch. If you have more weeds than good grass (bluegrass or fescue,) you might want to spray the area with Round Up and start from scratch. If you do start over, get the Round Up on right away so you can begin preparing and seeding in about a week or so. Try to get your seeding completed by early September for best results.

2)    Ground preparation is the next most important factor. To create a satisfactory seed bed, the soil must be loose enough to allow the seed to germinate and expand its roots. If the ground is too dry, you may need to add moisture before working the soil. If possible, it is ideal to roto-till to a depth of 4 to 6 inches. You can begin to see why it is necessary to start early so there is time to get all the steps accomplished in order for your efforts to yield a great turf. Short cuts don’t work in this area!!

3)    Choose the best seed, don’t buy cheap. Check the germination % of the seed and the expiration date on the package….fresh seed is a must to create a good stand of grass. There are two choices of seed for sunny areas; either one of the better blue grasses or one of the turf type tall fescues. The fescues are more drought resistant and do not require as much fertilizer as do the blue grasses types. Be sure you have a ready source of water and a good sprinkler so you can keep the area moist once the seed is planted. After the grass seed has sprouted, it is critical not to let it dry out. A light straw cover will help you maintain consistent moisture.

These basic guidelines should make it fairly easy for you to have a nice, green yard with thick, lush turf. Now sprinkle some colorful mums around your porches and walkways and enjoy the season!


The gardening team at Meadow View