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Gardening Tips

Winter Tips

With winter set in, now is a good time to add that extra layer of mulch to the tender plants in your landscape. Snow is an excellent mulch, but watch for when it disappears; when it does, get some compost or mulch to put around those tender plants that need a little more protection. Any late-planted fall mums would benefit from this treatment, as well as any tender herbs you may be growing.

Also keep in mind other winter hazards including cold drying wind, snow and ice loads, salt damage and quick thawing and freezing cycles. These can all have adverse effects on your landscape and flowerbeds, so be sure to keep a careful eye on the conditions of your property until the weather breaks.

Your trees could also do with a good pruning this time of year. Thin out tops to prevent storm damage from strong winds, or remove unwanted low branches and limbs that may be hitting your house and damaging the roof shingles on your home. On a mild day, you could even start pruning any fruit trees or brambles and avoid the spring rush later in the winter.

Brace longer limbs with ice buildup; you can brush off snow loads, but breaking off ice can be more harmful than leaving the branches to sag under the weight.

Keep an eye out for catalogs that will be coming in the mail and get your spring planting ideas ready. Whether its annual maintenance or dreaming up a fresh look for that area of your property that needs some extra attention, we will have all you need once Spring has sprung in 2019.

If you have questions or want to bounce some gardening ideas off of us in the meantime, we’re here all year long to help you be selective, be creative and be inspired.


The gardening team at Meadow View