Hanging Baskets – Meadow View Growers

Hanging Baskets

We get back to the basics of planting to grow strong, healthy plants in our local greenhouses to ensure superior growth habits and long-lasting beauty in your home.

Best of all, the larger container means better water retention and a larger plant that’s easy to enjoy.

Discover all the benefits our hanging basket varieties can bring to your next project:

  • Eco-friendly container to hold 1/3 more soil than most other baskets
  • Earth-toned recycled paper for a pleasant appearance
  • Wide variety of plants, colors and textures
  • Moss baskets with enticing combinations of plants
  • Custom basket designs available upon request

If you “dig” our hanging baskets, you won’t want to miss our annual Hanging Basket Extravaganza the second Saturday of April.  Buy one hanging basket and get one free!