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Informational Internet Links

We’ve compiled some of our favorite sites to add to the expertise behind your gardening projects.

NOTE:   Invasive Insect Species

There are some newer serious threats to many varieties of shade trees in our area from a couple of ravishing invasive insects. We should all be diligently checking the trees in the areas where we live for signs of these pests. Go to the following links for more information. Call your county agent if you find suspect trees or insects that appear to resemble those pictured here.

Asian Longhorn Beetle (ALB)

We all know the devastation that has happened to Ash trees from the EAB. The Asian Longhorn Beetle(ALB) could be even more severe as these top 5 species of trees are affected: Maples, Birch, Horse Chestnut, Willow and Popular.



Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)





The Ohio State University Extension 

Ohio Trees for Bees

Dr. Armitage App – a fabulous gardening app for smart phones by Dr. Allan Armitage – only $4.99! It is an excellent source of information about pollinators, deer, rabbits and of course the plants we sell!

Armitage’s Great Garden Plants

Proven Winners

Scotts Products 

Purdue University 

American Hosta Society

American Hemerocallis Society 

Virginia Cooperative Extension pruning calendar

BYGL (Buckeye Yard & Garden onLine)

Rutgers University, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station – deer resistant plant ratings


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