Kids’ Club

Get creative with your kids ages 3 – 12 with our Kids’ Club projects.  On the first Saturday of the month from September through April,  Nicky and her helpers work on fun, decorative crafts and activities with children and their parents and grandparents. The best part? Taking home the finished product and the memories.

The cost for each child is a non-refundable $5.00 payable in advance with your registration so we have adequate supplies on hand for all participants.

Some of the fun projects that have been created in the past are “Building a Worm Farm”, “Making a Gift Pot”, “Raising Grass People”, “Making a Pizza Garden” and many more.

Building a Worm Farm, Kids' Club

Kids’ Club- “Building a Worm Farm”

Register for the next Kids’ Club or other event by phone, 937.845.0093, in person, online (click on the class below) or visit our Shop & Register page.  Class size is limited so sign up early. When signing up online, if the signup page does not appear when clicked upon, try again another day. Online signups are available closer to the actual class date. Of course, registration by phone or in person is always available at any time.

There will be two classes each day, 10am and 1pm.

minigardenMarch 4, 2017 – Mini Garden

Both March classes have reached capacity. Please sign up for April classes. Thank you.

Using our imagination, we will develop our very own mini garden using succulents and mini plants.
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Grass ManApril 1, 2017 – Grass People

Please register by Mar. 24

Create a cute, unique character with a wild hairdo!


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