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Butterfly House

Butterflies Love Meadow View flowers.

Monarch on butterfly bush flowerPollinators are essential to human existence. They contribute to one out of three bites of food we eat. They are also directly responsible for the variety of flowering plants we enjoy. Yet their numbers are dwindling due, in large part, to habitat loss. The call to replant gardens for pollinators has swept across the nation. The U.S. Department of Agriculture and Department of Interior even designated a National Pollinator Week to help raise awareness of the importance of these busy, necessary creatures.

Meadow View has joined the rally. Our landscape display garden is registered as a Monarch Waystation with Monarch Watch organization. We are also registered with the National Pollinator Garden Network as part of the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge. As any good pollinator garden should have, ours include plants that provide a place for adult butterflies to lay their eggs and provide food for their larvae (HOST PLANTS). Others provide energy sources for adults to sustain themselves (NECTAR PLANTS).


MVG Butterfly House June 2016Visit our butterfly house to get up close and personal with butterflies in all their life stages; egg, caterpillar (larva), chrysalis and adult.

Our Butterfly House is OPEN!! Come on in and visit!

There are butterfly factoids inside the house and an MVG staff member is nearby and available to give you more information. Please watch where you step while inside as both butterflies and larvae have been found on the path. The plants inside the house are food for the butterflies. We have additional plants inside the greenhouse you can purchase for your own butterfly garden.

This is an exciting way to invite children to learn about gardening and the cycle of life. We hope you will join us and enjoy the butterflies.

For more information about pollinator gardens, visit our pollinator gardens page.