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Organic Products

The gardening trend today is natural and organic. It is better for you, your pets, your plants and the environment. Natural products are made and used by mother nature. She has her own way of dealing with pests and she has gifted plants with weapons of their own. Man has harvested these weapons and put them into products that he can use. Organic gardening, very simply put, is growing naturally without synthetic or man-made chemicals in any part of the process. Organic gardening is governed by USDA guidelines. Pollinators prefer you to use natural products over the harsher synthetic ones. MVG carries several.

Bonide natural disease and insect control products. Look for the tan color band in the label.

In addition, look for the “For Organic Gardening” logo and statement on the front of the label.  The logo and statement “For Organic Gardening” is your assurance that these products have obtained EPA approval to meet the criteria defined by USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP).    Bonide products carrying this approval are labeled for home garden use only and are not suitable for use in commercial/agricultural organic production.

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Espoma organic gardening products.

Plant Food – Complex blends of long lasting natural organic ingredients enhanced with Bio-tone® beneficial microbes to provide your garden with the balanced meal it deserves.

Soil Amendments – Approved for organic gardening. Pure, premium products – no fillers or sludges. Hard to find for the avid & environmentally conscious gardener. Large and small bag sizes – the right size to fit the job.