Poinsettias – Meadow View Growers


Mexican legend tells of a brother and sister who had no gift to put by the figure of the baby Jesus in church on Christmas Eve. On their way to church, they heard an angel tell them to pick some dried weeds for his gift. As they laid them down beside the other, more expensive gifts, a miracle occurred and the weeds turned into beautiful flowers. Dr. Joel Poinsett, the first U.S. ambassador to Mexico, brought the plant to the U.S. where it was named the “poinsettia.”

Meadow View starts growing our poinsettias in September. Once their bracts are shining their brightest, they are ready to fill your room with their festive holiday color and flair!  Poinsettias are a beloved and cherished Christmas flower; great for decorating an office, church, classroom, home; just about anywhere indoors.

Poinsettias also make it easy for your organization to raise funds at this time of year. Fundraiser orders for churches, schools, and organizations are taken early to mid-fall for pick-up or delivery after Thanksgiving. Call 937-845-0093 for more information.

Want to try to re-bloom your poinsettia? Check out these helpful tips.