2″ Kalanchoe Hildebrandt

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Kalanchoe bracteata (Silver Spoons) – A small compact shrubby succulent to 4 feet tall from South Eastern Madagascar. It has 1 to 2 inch long ovate leaves with a slight point at the tip and
short petioles. The species can be a bit variable but our plants appear grayish silvery-white because of a pubescence of appressed short stellate hairs and a waxy substance that covers
the leaves and the young 4 angled stems. The flowers on this plant are red on branched terminal inflorescences.


Plant in full sun to bright shade and irrigate little to occasionally. Has proven hardy to 28 F and may be hardy below this. This plant is great in pots or as an accent or even a small border hedge in the garden.They are drought resistant plants that only need is moderate irrigation. We should only water this species if the substrate is completely dry.In winter we must reduce the frequency of irrigation because water, in combination with low temperatures, can cause rotting of the plant by fungi.