Spiraea j White Gold #3

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The White Gold Spirea is a small deciduous shrub 2 to 3 feet tall and up to 4 feet wide that is ideal for filling areas in the front of borders and for edging and low hedges. It has vibrant golden foliage in full sun and chartreuse-green foliage when shaded – both are lovely. The flowers are not pink
as is usual with gold spirea, because this plant is unique in having white flowers combined with golden leaves. These sparkle all over the bush in late spring to early summer, and again a little in late summer. This easy plant is ideal for beds, rock gardens, edging and planter boxes.

Bright gold to chartreuse-green foliage from spring to fall
Clusters of sparkling creamy-white flowers in late spring
Compact spreading bush for the front of beds and edging
Very low-maintenance and easy to grow
Grows well in the coldest zones


A place in the sun is best to grow the White Gold Spirea, put it will also grow in partial shade. It is hardy even in zone 3 and grows in any well-drained garden soil, including poor soils and urban conditions. It normally has no pests or diseases and takes care of itself, although a quick summer trim and some spring pruning when older will give you outstanding results.