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Featured Products/Specials

Digitalis 'Dalmation Purple'

Perennials On Sale!

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Clematis Rebecca

Clematis flowering vine On Sale through August 31!

Ever popular and stunning, clematis vines are a favorite perennial for covering arbors, trellises, and fences from spring through fall. Many varieties means several choices of flowering color, size, and bloom time. Clematis love the sun but prefer their roots to be in shade. Top dressing with mulch or a simple groundcover like Irish moss will help keep the soil cool and moist.

This week Save 25% on all Clematis vines!

fall mums

Early Bird Mum Pricing – Now through August 31!

Mums in 4 inch pots – $3.99 ea. Buy 6 or more $3.59 ea.

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Fresh Out of Production Perennials!

We grow them to ensure freshness and quality in our plants! Here are some varieties that have just moved to retail from our production house:

Echinacea ‘Cheyenne Spirit’

Coneflowers are an old-time favorite in the perennial garden loved by birds, pollinators, and people. Cheyenne Spirit is a sturdy, low maintenance, drought tolerant variety that grows 26-32” tall with up to a 24” spread. Its multicolored flowers in rich shades of cream, golden yellow, orange, purple, rosy-red, scarlet and tomato-red paint a vivid landscape that won’t be missed by passers by.


Gaillardia ‘Mesa Yellow’

Blanket flowers are a favorite in the perennial garden for producing an abundance of flowers throughout summer. Mesa Yellow’s flowers are large and the color of sunshine. They dazzle the eye! Plants are compact, low maintenance, weather tolerant, deer and drought tolerant. Growing one to two feet tall with about the same spread, they are excellent for native, butterfly, and cutting gardens. Finches love the seed heads!


Gaillardia ‘Spin Top Yellow Touch’

Blanket flowers are a favorite in the perennial garden for producing an abundance of flowers that blanket the ground throughout summer. Spin Top Yellow Touch has flat, serrated, orange-red petals tipped in yellow. They are tough, compact, low maintenance, rabbit, deer and drought tolerant once established. Growing 8 – 14″ tall with about the same spread, they are excellent for native, butterfly, and cutting gardens. Butterflies and pollinators love them!


Berberis ‘Sunjoy Tangelo’

A zingy accent to spice up your landscape!

Bright and cheery, this new barberry has vivid orange new growth that develops a distinctive chartreuse margin as the season goes on. Stronger growing than other variegated cultivars, it is colorful in the landscape from spring to fall. Certified wheat-rust resistant.

Top three reasons to grow Sunjoy® Tangelo barberry:

– Intense orange new growth makes a strong statement in the landscape

– Highly deer-resistant

– Thorny stems are good for planting under windows for added security.

Other characteristics of this handsome bush: Colorful Foliage, Yellow Flowers, Fall Interest, Drought Tolerant, Resists Deer. Grows 3 – 4 feet tall and wide.


Berberis ‘Sunjoy Sequins’

Colorful variegation gives a sparkling effect.

Flowers are lovely, but its foliage that anchors most plants through the season, and its foliage that makes Sunjoy Sequins™ barberry so unique. New growth emerges in a shimmering palette of white, pink, and mint green before maturing to emerald. This large shrub is a nice choice for a colorful hedge or eye-catching specimen, and its variegation makes it more shade tolerant than other barberries.

Top reasons to grow Sunjoy Sequins barberry:

– Colorful variegated foliage

– Very deer resistant

– More shade tolerant than other barberries

Sunjoy Sequins is also drought tolerant and deer resistant. It grows 2 – 3 feet tall by 3 – 4 feet wide.


Thuja ‘Tator Tot’

Irresistibly cute – and useful!

Tater Tot® arborvitae is the perfect plant accessory for your landscape – it’s neat, rounded shape is ideal for sprucing up any space in your yard! It naturally grows as a tidy little globe of fragrant, fan-like evergreen foliage. It’s quite tolerant of shade, too, so you can plant it just about anywhere and enjoy year-round beauty from this easy care native shrub.

Top reasons to grow Tater Tot® arborvitae:

– Naturally grows in an appealing globe shape.

– A good choice even in shaded locations.

– Very easy to grow and care for.

– Adds winter interest –  evergreen

– Native to North America

Tator Tot grows 1 – 2 feet tall and wide. It prefers full sun to part sun, but will tolerate shade.

mums with Garden Barn

Annual of the Week: Garden Mum

Garden mums fill our autumn landscape with soft, warm colors just when our summer flowers are starting to fade. Bred for unique colors, roundness of shape and bloom time – early, mid, late, very late, and extremely late, garden mums tolerate cool temperatures extremely well. Selecting several varieties that bloom at different times throughout fall ensures your garden will dazzle all season long . Garden mums are considered “tender” perennials as the severity of the winter, planting time, and other factors will ultimately determine if they return next year.


Perennial of the Week: Hardy Mum

Old-fashioned, tough and truly hardy to the weather in our area, perennial chrysanthemums return year after year relieving you of planting all the time! They grow taller than garden mums and provide a magnificent natural glow and aura to any fall garden.  Pollinators adore these late bloomers.  Pinch back branches in the spring to create a fuller, sturdier plant with more abundant blooms. Available in shades of purple, yellow, coral, red and lavender.

“For color in fall – Keep your mums small,

4″ high – ’til the fourth of July” (do not prune after that!)

Come to the greenhouse to choose your favorite today!

Hydrangea Strawberry Vanilla

Shrub of the Week: Hydrangea

For color and WOW factor, you can’t beat hydrangeas. In fact all hydrangeas will give you flowers all summer long and into fall. Their flowers range from delicate lacy caps scattered across the foliage to enormous panicles of ever evolving color. They come in  six different types with a multitude of varieties. Bloom color ranges from blue, purple, pink, white, green, and shades of each. Many change colors as they age.

Hydrangea blooms develop on either old or new stems. Knowing which type and variety you have will help ensure beautiful flowers each year.  They prefer part shade, but some will tolerate full shade or full sun. Rich organic soil is their favorite.

Come in, see our large selection of hydrangeas and pick up your favorites today!

(Pictured is Hydrangea Strawberry Vanilla)

Boston Fern

Boston Fern

This plant makes a good choice for shady, damp areas, providing a spark of bright color where few other plants will grow.

We have beautiful Boston Ferns in hanging baskets and containers.



Add a touch of charm and elegance to your garden with roses!

Types like Drift, Climbing, Hybrid-Teas, Shrub, Knock-Out, and David Austin varieties in so many different colors. You’ll have to visit the greenhouse as there are just too many to list!



Succulents make wonderful indoor plants to keep us gardening all year. They are easily maintained and require little watering. MVG has a large selection of succulents and cacti from which you can select your favorites.

houseplants 001


Plants that survive in lower light settings make great indoor gardens and keep our green thumbs active all year ’round. They also  clean the air we breathe indoors helping us stay healthier!

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