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What is a Hoya Kerri?

April 18, 2022


Showing Love

A Hoya is a living heart plant that keeps showing love all year long.

Scientific Name: Hoya kerrii Craib
Common Name: Sweetheart Hoya, Sweetheart Plant, Valentine Hoya, Porcelain Flower, Heart Leaf, Lucky Hearts, Wax Hearts
Care: Bright direct to indirect light, Water every 2–3 weeks, Pet friendly


Hoya kerriis are slow-growing, semi-succulents with perfectly heart-shaped bright green leaves. These particular hearts do not have nodes (or stems) on them, so they will not grow into a full-size vining Hoya kerrii. This is called being a blind leaf and means that these planted hearts will stay the same forever, making it one of the easiest starter plants along with air plants and succulents, to start your garden with.  


hoya care

They are called semi-succulent as they are a cross between a succulent and a houseplant. Their leaves do hold water like succulents but are actually part of the Dogbanes Hoya family and Hoya genus. Unlike true succulents, the Hoya Kerri enjoys high humidity and moist soil. Water when the top inch or so of the soil dries out.


The Hoya kerrii is one of the easier houseplants to look after and care for, letting you get away with only occasional attention. Water every 3-4 weeks and feed maybe twice a year at most. As the plant will not grow a new stem, there is no need to ever have to re-pot.


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