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May 11, 2022


Growing Geraniums

Few plants offer as many options as geraniums. With over 300 species, they’re available in a wide range of bloom colors and types, foliage, and even scent. They range in size from a compact 6 inches to several feet of blooms. 

Popular Varieties

The four most popular varieties of geraniums are:

Zonal geraniums – the classic geraniums you recognize. With single or double blooms in white, pink, red, burgundy, yellow, orange, and purple, Zonal geraniums are easy growers, heat tolerant, and drought-resistant. The Classic, Tango, and Rocky Mountain cultivars all come in a wide variety of colors.

Regal geraniums – also known as Marsha Washington geraniums. They feature large multicolored blooms and are considered a delicate variety, yet they thrive with the proper care. They perform best in cooler areas and will not flower in hot summer temperatures. Unique cultivars include Ace High, Brown’s Butterfly, Blue Orchid, and the Coral Sea.

Ivy geraniums – create abundant mounds of cascading flowers. The leaves are shiny and resemble ivy. The single, semi-double and double flowers bloom from early spring to the first frost of fall. Try Summer Showers, Contessa, and White Mesh cultivars for abundant blooms.

Scented geraniums – have scented leaves with a velvety texture. While they don’t bloom as profusely as other varieties, they are a favorite of many gardeners. Although there are endless variations, popular scents include roses, apricots, apple, and mint. The cultivar name often hints to the geranium’s scent, such as Chocolate Mint, Ginger, Lemon Balm, and Lime.


A Sample of our 2022 Geraniums


When to Plant Geraniums:
Don’t rush the planting season – geraniums are not cold hardy. But if you wait too long, you risk missing the cool night temperatures that encourage budding. Knowing how to grow geraniums outdoors begins with planting at the proper time. Wait until the danger of the last frost has passed and your soil reaches 60 degrees F.

Planting: Most geraniums crave sunshine. A full day is great except in the warmest zones, where plants thrive with shade during the hottest part of the day. Martha Washington and ivy geraniums need light shade in all regions, especially as summer temperatures soar.

Soil: Fertile, well-drained soil yields the best growth. For geraniums in pots, choose a commercial bagged mix developed for use in containers. In planting beds, mix organic matter like compost, rotted manure, bark fines, or other locally available material into the soil to improve fertility and drainage. Your geraniums will thank you with lots of blooms.

Feed Them

Fertilizer: Annual geraniums have big appetites. In planting beds and pots, mix a slow-release fertilizer into the soil at planting time. Make a second application according to the label instructions. Many gardeners feed geraniums with a liquid fertilizer every 14 to 20 days, starting four weeks after planting.


Annual geraniums that are planted outdoors don’t require pruning, but regular deadheading can help prevent disease and increase production. Simply pinch off the entire flower stalk after the flowers fade and remove dry leaves from the plants.The geranium houseplant tends to become long legged and thin. Regularly prune by pinching the growing points to encourage branching.

Varieties / While Supplies Last

Regal Elegance Imperial 28-8″ ITML
Regal Elegance Lilac Sachet 28-8″ ITML
Regal Elegance Purple Majesty 28 8″ITML
Regal Elegance Red Velvet 28-8″ ITML
Regal Elegance Royalty White 28-8″ ITML
Regal Elegance Sunrise 28-8″ ITML
Blizzard Blue
Calliope Deep Red
Calliope Deep Rose
Calliope Hot Pink
Calliope Pink Flame
Calliope Rose Mega Splash
Calliope White
Calliope Pink/Rose Mix
Calliope Red/White Mix
Patriot Berry Parfait
Patriot Bright Pink
Patriot Bright Red
Patriot Lavender Blue
Patriot Red/White Combo
Patriot Salmon Chic
Patriot Tickled Pink
Patriot Violet
Patriot Watermelon
Patriot White
Pinnacle Appleblossom
Pinto Deep Red
Pinto Rose
Pinto Rose Bicolor
Pinto Salmon
Pinto Violet
Pinto White
Ringo 2000 Lavender
Sarita Lilac Splash
Sarita Sunstar Red
Sarita White
Savannah Merlot Sizzle
Savannah Punch
Savannah Really Red
Wilhelm Languth