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Depending on where you live in Ohio, you may be in growing zones 5 or 6. Using native perennials helps to ensure that you run into fewer problems with insects and diseases. There are fantastic native perennials that thrive in Ohio, but you consider the amount of water, light, and soil type that these plants need so that you pick the right plants for your specific location.

We will be adding additional categories of our perennials soon. Check back for Shade Lovers, Grasses, and color variations that we stock!

2022 Pricing

Standard Perennial, qt qt. 10.99 8+ 9.99
Premium Perennial, qt qt. 12.99 8+ 11.99
Exclusive Perennial, qt qt. 15.49    
Standard Perennial, flat pot   17.00    
Standard Perennial, gal gal. 20.00    
Premium Perennial, gal gal. 22.00    
Exclusive Perennial, gal gal. 24.00    
Butterfly bush, 2-gal 2-gal. 35.00    
Clematis, gal gal. 30.00    
Clematis Premium, gal gal. 40.00    
Daylily, gal gal. 17.99    
Daylily Premium, gal gal. 24.00    
Perennial grass, 2-gal 2-gal. 28.00    
Hosta, quart qt. 12.99    
Hosta, gal gal. 22.00    
Hosta Premium, gal gal. 24.00    
Liriope, gal gal. 15.49    
Knock Out Roses   47.99    

pollinator Perennials

A pollinator garden is simply a garden that features many plants preferred by pollinator species, such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Of all the food that humans (and all other creatures) rely on to survive, 80% requires pollination by insects or other animals. Due to human influence in causing climate change, habitat loss, and pollution, the populations of pollinator species have been rapidly declining in recent years.

By planting a pollinator garden in your own backyard, you can help to do your part in restoring populations of these important species. By planting native pollinator-friendly plants, you help to feed and restore habitat for these creatures that we rely on for our own survival.

Perennials For Shade

Shady or partly shady areas can seem like challenging places to grow plants, and they can be if you’re trying to grow sun-loving perennials. But not all perennials need full sun to thrive. The foliage and flowers of the following shade perennials will fill the not-so-sunny areas of your garden with color year after year.