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July 21, 2022

Purple Garden Ideas

ADD A SOOTHING EFFECT In your Landscape! Purple flowers, purple foliage plants, vines, and shrubs have a soothing effect when used in the landscape. Purple has historically been associated with royalty and nobility, the color of the clothes of the elite. An important reason for this association is that for the longest time purple dye […]

July 20, 2022

Ohio Victory Gardens

ORIGINATED DURING world War 1! As an answer to a severe food shortage at the time, people were encouraged to find any usable space, plop in some seeds and contribute homegrown fruits, vegetables, and herbs to the effort. Vegetable gardens were planted in many different sites in Ohio city, including on the Mall in downtown […]

July 15, 2022

July Gardening Chores

IT’S TIME TO Review The Garden! The plants have hit their summer climax, so now is the time to determine where the holes are and what needs transplanting, consolidating, pruning, or completely removed because it’s a jungle out there. Not to mention it’s July. The garden is hot, full of weeds, and in a full-on […]

July 12, 2022

Annual Flower Containers

TRANSFORM YOUR PATIO Into a Garden Oasis! Transform your patio or deck into a colorful garden oasis! Our annual container planters are available in a wide spectrum of sizes, colors, and textures to please every gardener. There are loads of funky foliage combos of coleus, petunias, lantana, and more—everything from plain green to wild reds […]

July 12, 2022

Magnolia Trees

ARE Stunning! From their glossy leaves to their fragrant flowers, magnolia trees are stars of the landscape. The magnolia comes in assortment of colorful blooms from butter colored to vibrant pinks. While the fragrance and petals are stunning, the glossy foliage is also a favorite. Native to Ohio There are four native magnolia (Magnoliaceae) species […]

July 11, 2022

Keeping Animals Out Of Your Garden

BE CRITTER FREE WITH THESE Easy Ideas! In order to prevent your wildlife friends from making your beloved spring flowers and tomato garden their favorite buffet, there are steps you can take to keep all the plants you’ve painstakingly grown safe from harm. While there’s the obvious choice of fencing, there are also other tips […]

July 8, 2022

How to Prevent Japanese Beetles

JAPANESE BEETLES ARE A Nuisance! Japanese Beetles feed on the leaves, fruit, and flowers of hundreds of plant species. Their damage is easy to identify.  Since they feed primarily on the soft tissue parts of the leaves you will see leaves that look like ‘skeletons’, meaning only the veins of the leaves are left.  You […]

July 8, 2022

Septoria Leaf Spot Control

IS A COMMON Disease. Septoria leaf spot is a very common disease of tomatoes. It is caused by a fungus (Septoria lycopersici) and can affect tomatoes and other plants in the Solanaceae family, especially potatoes and eggplant, just about anywhere in the world. Although Septoria leaf spot is not necessarily fatal for your tomato plants, […]

July 8, 2022

Blossom-End Rot Control

IS A SERIOUS Disorder! Blossom-end rot is a serious disorder of tomato, pepper, and eggplant. Growers often are distressed to notice that a dry sunken decay has developed on the blossom end (opposite the stem) of many fruit, especially the first fruit of the season. This nonparasitic disorder can be very damaging, with losses of […]

July 7, 2022

Buy 1 get 1 Free Quart Perennials

SALE DATES EXTENDED 7/26-8/2, 2022 Perennial plants are the cornerstone and foundation of any garden. Here at Meadow View Growers, we offer a wide selection of perennials for sale. Whether it’s cheerful daisies for bright sunny areas or bushy green ferns and hostas for shady spots, we have a variety of perennial plants to suit […]