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Ohio Victory Gardens

July 20, 2022


world War 1!

As an answer to a severe food shortage at the time, people were encouraged to find any usable space, plop in some seeds and contribute homegrown fruits, vegetables, and herbs to the effort.

Vegetable gardens were planted in many different sites in Ohio city, including on the Mall in downtown Cleveland. Chickens were raised in Cleveland as well. There were contests and exhibits sponsored by private corporations.

The idea was wildly successful, growing an army of amateur gardeners and serving to boost morale and patriotism.


Third Year

“In the third year of our Victory Gardens program, we are proud of the ground we have covered in reigniting Ohioans’ love for backyard gardening, while lifting people’s spirits and re-teaching an important life skill of growing your own food,” said Dorothy Pelanda, Director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture. “We’ve gone from distributing 3,000 seed kits in six counties in 2020 to distributing more than 20,000 free seed kits in 42 counties across the state last year.  We plan to expand again to reach even more Ohioans who want to grow a Victory Garden.”

Due to high demand, the program is expanding to include 42 counties, up from 25 counties last year. 

Source: OSU.EDU by the Department of Agriculture:


Seeds were available for pick up in April 2022 at OSU Extension county offices and new this year, ODA Soil and Water Conservation Districts. Each Ohio county has a local Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) to help develop and implement programs to protect and conserve soil, water, prime farmland, woodland, wildlife, and urban areas. The SWCDs are excited to be a part of a movement that promotes urban farming and encourages Ohioans to cultivate their own produce.

The Victory Gardens Program offers a full website with details on seed distribution, advice, and resources on every aspect of planting and harvesting produce.

Check out our OSU Extension Franklin County YouTube Channel for Great Videos on Growing, Harvesting, and Cooking Fresh Produce