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Hanging Basket Sale


We're Expanding the Sale Dates!

Get ready to brighten up your porch! MVG’s annual Hanging Basket Sale returns
Saturday, April 9th through Saturday, April 30th. 

Why the change? We want to give our loyal Bloomin Rewards members
a wider timeframe to purchase our hanging baskets. Bloomin Rewards members
will no longer need to rush in to purchase their selection.

2022 Changes

The Hanging Basket Sale will have some notable changes this year which we hope will make it more enjoyable for everyone.

As in years past, the Hanging Basket Sale is available to all our Bloomin’ Rewards Members as a way to say thank you for your continual support. A coupon is required for the BOGO Sale. Coupons are redeemable for one-time use only.

Hanging Basket Sales postcard/coupon will be available at MVG and all current and future Bloomin’ Rewards members may redeem their hanging baskets anytime between April 9-30th. One postcard/coupon per Bloomin’ Rewards Member. One-time use only.

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Hanging Baskets
Hanging Basket Sale 2022


  • More enjoyable, less frantic shopping experience
  • Shorter Lines
  • No limit on the number of baskets purchased with the one-time-use postcard
  • Larger time frame to save
  • Larger selection of hanging baskets

Hanging Basket Care

Special care has been taken to provide you with healthy, vigorous plants that will give you months of gardening pleasure when given the proper care.

We recommend the use of a slow-release fertilizer such as Osmocote that lasts for the entire growing season. Use of these types of fertilizers usually eliminates the need for liquid fertilizers, although supplemental use of these fertilizers does not hurt the plants if you feel your plants need an extra “boost”.

  • Before May 15, keep your basket above 45 degrees. After that normal outdoor temperatures are ideal.
  • Keep your basket in the correct light exposure (sun or shade as indicated on the tag.)
  • Water when needed.
Hanging Basket Sale


Water for a purpose, allowing plants to “dry down” moderately between waterings.
Use the “knuckle test” to check the moisture level in your soil. Insert the index finger up to your first knuckle. If the soil feels dry, it is time to water thoroughly, allowing excess moisture to drain from the bottom of the pot.