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Know Your Tomatoes

May 6, 2022


Tomato Varieties

Grape, Cherry, Slicers, Oh MY! There are very many varieties and types of tomatoes and at MVG we try to make sure we have the right tomato for your garden. Though the individual varieties might change per year we always have the various types of tomatoes including

 Beefsteak Tomatoes

Tomatoes for Containers

Grape & Cherry Tomatoes

Paste Tomatoes

Slicer Tomatoes


Beefsteak tomatoes are one of the largest varieties of cultivated tomatoes, perfect for eating fresh from the harvest. Beefsteak tomatoes are usually large, bold, and meaty. Common beefsteak varieties include:

Aussie Heirloom (I), Beefmaster (I), Beefsteak ( Ponderosa) (I), Better Boy (D), Black Krim Heirloom (I), Brandywine Red Potato LF Heirloom (I), Burpee’s Supersteak Hybrid (I), Cherokee Purple Heirloom (I), Delicious (I), Early Goliath Hybrid (I), German Johnson Heirloom (I), Goliath Heirloom (I), Hillbilly Potato LF Heirloom (I), Jubilee (I), Mortgage Lifter Heirloom (I), Mr. Stripey Heirloom (I), Old German Heirloom (I), Oxheart Red Heirloom (I), Paul Robeson Heirloom (I), Pineapple Heirloom (I), Super Sonic (I)


Container tomatoes are ones specifically suited for small or no-space gardens. Enjoy a harvest of homegrown tomatoes that have been planted in containers. Common container varieties include:

Health Kick (D), Patio (D)

Grape & Cherry

Grape and Cherry tomatoes are either small round (cherry) or oblong (grape) tomatoes, that are perfect for snacking on or in salads. Common grape and cherry varieties include:

Juliet (I), Black Cherry Heirloom (I), Jelly Bean Yellow (I), Red Great (Sweet Olive) hybrid (D), Sun Gold (I), Stupice Heirloom (I), Super Sweet 100 (I), Sweet Million (I), Yellow Pear (I)



Paste Tomatoes are also sometimes called processing or canning tomatoes. These tomatoes are perfect for sauces and soups due to their thinner skins. Common paste varieties include:

Amish Paste Heirloom (I), Opalka Heirloom (I), Roma (D), San Marzano (D)


Slicer Tomatoes are the perfect sliced tomatoes for sandwiches and snacks. Usually large, meaty, and juicy these are great for BBQs and hold their shape when sliced.  Common slicer varieties include:

Burpee Big Boy (I), Celebrity (SI), Champion II (I), Cuban (I), Early Girl (I), Fourth of July Hybrid (I), Jet Star (I), Lemon Boy (I), Marglobe Improved (D), Rutgers (D), Stupice Heirloom (I)


How They Grow

Determinate Verses Indeterminate

All tomatoes come in either Determinate (D) or Indeterminate (I). Determinate plants reach a certain size and then stop growing. The determinate tomatoes tend to all be ready at once. Determinate plants are popular for those who like to can. Indeterminate plants continue to grow through the season. Indeterminate tomatoes are better on a trellis than on a tomato cage. As the plants keep growing and sprouting, smaller batches of tomatoes will be ready throughout the season and are better for people who want to eat their tomatoes right off the vine.