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Perennial Madness Votes


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The 2022 Winner Is

The 2022 Perennial Madness Winner / Flower of The Year is Black Peony Poppy!

Thank you to all who followed along with our Perennial Madness competition! We had a wonderful time tallying the votes and corresponding with everyone. The winners will be announced soon.

Black Peony Poppy

Dignitas Sugar Plum

Proper Starter Care

Transplant each plant immediately into 4-inch pots using Bumper Crop or Fertilome Ultimate potting mix. “Score” (make a vertical cut) about ¼” deep the roots of any rootbound plants using a sharp knife. Disturbing these roots allows them to grow out rapidly into the new soil.

After transplanting, water them thoroughly and place them outside to grow until you plant them in your garden in May.

If the forecast is for frost or temperatures below 35, cover with a fabric sheet (no plastic) or move into the garage for the night.

Check plants frequently for watering needs. In April, apply water-soluble fertilizer at 25% strength for every other watering to encourage maximum growth.

Transplant your potted perennials into the garden in May using Biotone Starter for maximum root growth. Keep a close eye on watering needs throughout the first growing season