2.5″ Ficus Mini Lucie

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A miniature fig tree for shady gardens outside and indoor gardens that get good, bright light. Thick, glossy green leaves are smaller and more narrow than its full size cousin, with a distinctive curl or wave and a dramatic long tip at the end. Plants usually have a main stem/trunk and several side branches.
Lower side branches can be removed to create a traditional “tree canopy”. New leaves are lighter green, changing to deeper green as they mature. Adds character and a sense of age to miniature gardens in pots and in the garden. Grows to about 12+” tall and 6+” wide, can be trimmed to keep at any size.
Good choice for bonsai. Appreciates evenly moist soil; avoid extremely wet and/or overly dry conditions. 2.5″ pot.

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2.5″ Ficus Mini Lucie